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Community care issues

As citizens, we rely on government to provide a range of social services and healthcare systems that provide us with adequate care and a safe environment to live in. When these systems fail, you can turn to Smith Roddam Solicitors.

Social services and healthcare providers have a duty of care to provide every person with necessary care services, as prescribed by their health. This not only affords people the services, equipment or accommodation they need to live as independently as possible, or with the level of care they need, but it affords a level of dignity that should be given as a basic human right.

Our team of solicitors can work with you to find cracks in the system if one of your loved ones has received negligent treatment, has been refused certain care or assessments, or if their care package is not suitable for the level of care they actually need. These issues can typically affect our elderly, Armed Forces personnel or adults with disabilities or severe mental health issues and their carers. We have experience working with you to resolve matters directly with the social service or healthcare provider, or pursuing these issues through the Court of Protection where necessary.

Smith Roddam Solicitors can support you to resolve disputes relating to:

  • Delayed, refused or inadequate treatment or assessments
  • Delayed or refused home adaptations
  • Inadequate or inappropriate care funding or charges
  • Service types, level of care or delivery
  • Incorrect service removal
  • Self-directed support, including insufficient provisions

Quite often you’ll be pursuing a better outcome for a family member or loved one who is already in a vulnerable position and it can feel quite daunting. Our team of lawyers will take the time to explain of all the options available to you, support you throughout the process, and appeal the decision if this is not appropriate. We never use jargon and will communicate with you in plain English so you always know where your loved one’s legal position is.

To speak with a member of our team about your Court of Protection issue, contact 01388 881 611.

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