If you have debts and have not responded to bills or warning letters, a bailiff could visit you at home. If you let them in but are unable to pay them the money you owe, they may take some of your belongings to cover the debt and their fee.

If you’re worried that a bailiff may be sent to your home, we can explain what will happen and what rights you have so that you are fully prepared when they arrive. We can also help you negotiate with bailiffs and ensure they comply with court orders. If you wish to complain about a bailiff, we can support you through this too. And with our range of debt management services, we can help you address financial problems to prevent bailiff action.

Our experienced solicitors have helped many people successfully deal with debt and bailiffs. With our free initial assessment and no hidden costs promises, you can quickly and easily get answers to your immediate questions with no obligations. So for further help and advice, please call us today on 01388 881 593.