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Grandparent and step parents' relationship with children

Many of the disputes regarding children arise between the parents when their relationship breaks down. However, there are many other problems which can occur in relation to children which do not involve the natural parents.

The most common issues we are asked to advise on relate to a continuing relationship between children and their grandparents and/or step parents, either in terms of them seeing each other or even living with them.


When a relationships breaks down between couples who are also the parents of children, this can have a knock on effect on the relationship between the grandparents and their grandchildren. Grandparents who had a regular relationship with their grandchild or grandchildren may suddenly find that they are excluded from spending time with those children because a dispute has arisen between the children's parents. This can be devastating for both the grandparents and the children.

We can advise upon the role which grandparents can play in the life of their grandchildren going forward and upon what grandparents can do to take formal legal action if that is what is needed to preserve their relationship with their grandchildren.


A similar problem can arise when a marriage breaks down and as a step-parent you want to maintain a relationship with a child or children of the relationship.

We can advise upon the role which you can continue to play and discuss appropriate arrangements for you to see these children going forward. We can also advise upon the lega route which you can take to ensure that you preserve that relationship with your step children.


It is increasingly the case that grandparents are actually caring full time for their grandchildren. Commonly, this is when the state intervene because parents have difficulties in caring for the children and there is a duty on the state to look to other family members before considering foster carers. We can advise grandparents on their position either when the state intervene or just when the family have decided they want such an arrangement.


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