Whatever your legal issue, trust QualitySolicitors CMHT. We work to reassure individuals , as well as businesses who are looking for appropriate legal advice

Free Legal Advice

The first time you talk to one of our legal experts, its free. Worried about a legal problem? Why? Talk to us. You` re welcome to take advanatge of our 15 minute consultation to find out how QualitySolicitors CMHT can help you. You decide what appropriate steps to take next without an unexpected bill. Need more detailed legal advice? Why not try our £99.00 fixed fee consultation, 45 minutes of dedicated time with a lawyer. 

From there, you can choose one of our consultations with `no hidden costs` to best suit you and your situtation. We will then arrange for you to come in and see one of our specilaist lawyers at either of our offices.

If you think we`re the kind of lawyers in the West Midlands that you`d like to deal with, call us today.

When we start work, you can always talk directly with your lawyer. Questions are never an inconvenience and we promise not to hide behind legal jargon. We are a proud Black Country, straight talking law firm who knows it`s area and people and to make sure you understand everything we use plain and simple English.

Legal Services for Individuals

QualitySolicitors CMHT offers all kinds of services to individuals. If you need divorce or family solicitors, assistance with wills and probate, a conveyancing firm you can trust, employment and criminal defence experts, talk to us today.

Legal Services for Businesses

We are leading resolution solicitors. Whether you are buying or selling a SME or Larger Business, struggling with a dispute, need employment law advice, need expert assistance with licensing law or legal advice on properties, contact us today.

Call our Walsall Office on 01922 646400 and our Aldridge Office on 01922 743525 or email First.Contact@qscmht.co.uk 

We Look forward to helping you whatever your situation.



Saturday opening at the Aldridge Office is closed from 18th July 2016 due to refurbishment  and decoration.   We are open at both Aldridge and Walsall for normal business 9.00 a.m. - 5.00 p.m. Monday to Friday.