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Your new commercial premises will be both a major expense and a crucial part of your success, so it’s vital you find the right business base at the right kind of terms; terms that will protect and support the growth of your company, here’s how we can help.

With QualitySolicitors, there’s no need for you to worry about business law

Make the wrong decisions about your business premises now, and you could find that growing your company becomes at best difficult, or at worst impossible.

But QualitySolicitors are experts in providing clear straightforward business legal advice that you can rely on.

Here’s how we’ve helped others looking for new business premises:

  • Conducted a check on local authority Property Use Classes to identify whether trading would be allowed or prohibited in those premises.
  • Conducted a simple local search that highlighted forthcoming town development plans that would have significantly reduced the natural traffic past prospective business premises.
  • Negotiated a ‘break clause’ to allow a leaseholder to terminate a lease without penalty if certain variables such as low turnover were to occur.
  • Clarified whether leaseholder or landlord was responsible for who maintains and repairs the property.
  • Identified restrictive covenants on the property that would have severely restricted trade.
  • Renegotiated rent increases that had been built into the lease contract.
  • Advised on whether a prospective leaseholder should agree to a ‘personal guarantee’ request from the prospective landlord.
  • Advised on whether a ‘license to occupy’ was a better deal that a lease arrangement.
  • Advised on legal implications of taking out a mortgage for business premises.

Talking through possibilities like these with an experienced local solicitor can save you much heartache and offer a priceless amount of peace of mind, so you can concentrate on what you do best – running your business!


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Expert legal advice you can rely on:

Expert legal advice you can rely on,
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