One of the reasons why people trust us to help them move home is because we get lots of practice at 'conveyancing'. 'Conveyancing' is a legal word for buying or selling a property.

QualitySolicitors Talbots is one of the largest conveyancers, by volume, on the Land Registry register. This means we get lots of opportunity to practice the art of conveyancing - so we're good. And we're accredited, too. The Law Society's Conveyancing Quality Scheme (CQS) is for those firms who are committed to the highest standards of service and ethical conduct. Not every law firm is accredited but we're extremely proud to be amongst the few that are.

It is your guarantee of quality.

And if CQS accreditation wasn't enough, last year, we received the Customer Service  Excellence Award from the Black Country Chamber of  Commerce. It is testimony to how clients see us. Each year, we receive around 1,100 feedback forms - and we read every one. It helps us make those small changes to our service that add up over time.

If we sound like your kind of law firm, please get in touch. Call 0800 118 1500 and we look forward to serving you.