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Kinship carers, keeping a child in the family

A recent article published by the BBC claims to show how difficult it is to keep children within the family, when it is decided they can no longer live with their parents.

Earlier this week, the BBc published an article entitled 'Take in your grandchildren or you won't see them again'

This tells the tale of 'Mary', a 72 year old grandmother who had to take in her grandchildren, when social services decided that they could no longer reside with their parents. 'Mary' is currently raising 4 of her 6 grandchildren, with the other two not being in a situation fit for 'Mary' to care for.

The article talks of the differences between being a foster parent, and a kinship carer, and seems to show how little help is received when trying to keep a child within the family. In particular it mentions the fees that can arrise from 'Legal Disputes' with the birth parents, and that unlike foster parents they recevied no financial help. In the case of 'Mary' the article also mentions how the birth mother was elligible for legal aid (Money to help pay legal fees due to low income), whilst 'Mary' herself had to pay out of pocket.


All in all it seems as though Kinship Carers like 'Mary' suffer for wanting to keep the children within the family. Whilst it of course not always the best option for them, it does make you wonder if the odds are stacked against them at the moment.

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