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Minimum wage increase

With the budget being released on Wednesday, the new minimum wage has been announced.

From April 2022, the national minimum wage for those over 23 is set to rise to £9.50, up from the current £8.91.

The current Chancellor has says they're "Making work pay and keeps us on track to meet our target to end low pay by the end of this Parliament".


Here is a summary of the wage increase over all ages & apprentices

  • For over 23's, the wage is increasing £8.91 to £9.50 an hour
  • for 21-22, it goes from £8.36 to £9.18
  • NatFor 18 - 20, we see an increase from £6.56 to £6.83
  • Under 18's are set to see an increase from £4.62 to £4.81
  • The Apprentice Rate: From £4.30 to £4.81


While i  am sure all workers will be pleased to see the rise, Labours Bridget Phillipson warns that the increase will be swallowed up by by tax rises, benefits cuts & the rise in energy bills.


The Living Wage Foundation, a group campaigning for employers to meet what they call the Real Living Wage (which is currently the £9.50 but is likely to raise with the above mention changes to Tax, bills etc), have welcome the increase but said there is a way to go.


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