First Steps: read the information below regarding our fees and what they include. To help you decide whether you want to proceed, we can offer free initial assessment.

Our fees start from £450 +VAT

Court fee £550


What work is covered?

Our fixed fee covers all the work required to conclude a non-contested Petition for Divorce. That includes a meeting with one of our advisors, the preparation of your Petition for Divorce and all other documents needed, correspondence with the Court and completion of all documents to obtain the Decree Absolute that finalises your divorce.

If your case becomes more complex, for example your ex-partner defends the proceedings or files a Cross-Petition, we will have to charge more for the extra work incurred. If that happens we will notify you as soon as practicable and before any additional costs are incurred. We will provide you with a revised estimate of our fees and detail the work that is likely to be needed to conclude your divorce.

In the event that your ex-partner fails to acknowledge receipt of your Divorce Petition upon being served with the Court papers, it is possible that you will incur a further cost by way of appointing an Enquiry Agent/Private Detective to serve a further copy of the papers by hand upon them. If such an event occurs, we will provide you with clear advice concerning our additional costs and the fees of the Enquiry Agent.

What work is not covered?

  • Advice and proceedings concerning property, finances and children.
  • The fee for obtaining a Marriage Certificate (currently £7.50)
  • The cost of swearing your Affidavit in support of your Petition (between £7. and £9).
  • An Enquiry Agent/Private Detective’s fees in the event your partner does not acknowledge service of your Divorce Petition.
  • Any work that is necessary if your Petition for Divorce becomes defended or needs to be altered or amended once it has been issued by the Court.

In order to proceed, we will require your original marriage certificate, photographic identification (passport or driving licence) and a utility bill as proof of address.  

Please call to speak to any of the following team members for further advice and assistance;

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