Our experienced team offer advice to settle disputes outside of court, or can pursue matters through the Ecclesiastical Court to ensure fair resolution when needed. We understand the complexities of canon law, which cover all aspects of the UK’s civil and criminal legal systems together with the issues those secular systems cannot deal with – such as creed, magisterial teachings, sacraments and sacred places. It is proper that these matters be dealt with in their own jurisdictions so that laws and customs of church law, which have developed over more than 2,000 years, are respected.

We can advise on matters relating to:

  • Burial law, including memorials and exhumations
  • Charities and trusts
  • Clergy appointment and resignation
  • Constitutional matters
  • Criminal proceedings
  • Disputes and litigation
  • Employment
  • Faculty jurisdiction
  • Land and property, including churches, glebe, sacred places and rights of way
  • Marriage law
  • Overseas clergy
  • Parish reorganisation
  • Provincial and Diocesan Registry support

We can advise clergy, parishes, boards and councils of the Church of England on all ecclesiastical matters, and are also available to assist members of the clergy and administrators from other Christian denominations on any church law issues.

Our team can be contacted on 01388 881 593