Gail Cook

Chartered Legal Executive

I have worked at the firm three times all together, from its beginnings as Yates and Co, moving on to becoming part of QualitySolicitors

I have over thirty years experience in family law, although I don’t look old enough for that to be possible!  I have worked at a number of firms in Nottingham City Centre, practising all aspects of family law including divorce, relationship breakdown generally, financial disputes, property disputes between couples living together, disputes about children, grandparents’ disputes about their grandchildren, domestic violence, living together agreements and pre-marital agreements, to name the main aspects of family law.

I believe in looking after my clients and giving them an honest, down to earth service.  I feel I am approachable and understanding of the issues that arise for people when relationships break down, as well as assisting in planning for that eventuality before they embark upon a relationship or marriage.  A lot of my clients have followed me to the various firms I have worked for.  I always return to Yates and Co, however, as they have the same values and outlook as myself when it comes to assisting clients and the way in which we do so.  Basically, they can’t get rid of me!

As well as enjoying my job immensely and getting a huge sense of satisfaction from helping my clients, I have a busy social life which revolves around spending time with my friends and family and taking an active interest in many sports including football, cricket, rugby league, darts and snooker – watching not participating...

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    • Posted on April 24, 2020
      Following the Government instruction for everyone to stay in their own home, leaving only for essentials like food shopping and necessary work, and social distancing, people in new relationships or non-cohabitating relationships, found themselves in a position where they were unable to see each other face to face and share the usual social activities. This meant that there was the possibility of a long-standing relationship failing or a new one not getting off the ground. As a result, some couples decided to move in together in a sudden decision, probably not as well thought out as it might have been with planning and financial discussions. Usually, a couple move in together in a long term plan, or, sometimes, as a trial to see if it is what they want long term.
      Posted in: Family Law
    • Posted on February 27, 2020
      Are you considering getting a divorce? We've put together a blog on everything you need to know about getting an online DIY divorce before you start your proceedings.
    • Posted on January 29, 2020
      Disagreements over financial arrangements can sour even the most amicable split. People often make false assumptions, such as the “guilty” party receiving nothing or assets automatically being divided 50/50.

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