Deciding to talk to a lawyer is made easy at QualitySolicitors Mirza as we promise your first step is free. You can talk to us about your legal problem without the worry about how much it will cost. And we ensure that before starting work, you know our likely costs. We make sure that we explain matters simply and clearly using straightforward words – not technical jargon. If you do need to talk to your lawyer you will have direct access to them. Answering any queries you may have is never an inconvenience. And if you need to leave a message, we promise a ‘Same Day Response’.

If you're in need of legal advice, don't hesitate to contact us regarding your situation. Our friendly staff can help with any from your problem at work to your house move.

Don't forget if you're looking to move house, we have an online conveyancing fee calculator which will give you a free instant quote. If you've had a road accident and would like to make a claim, use our new online claims form to start the process with us.

QualitySolicitors Mirza is part of the leading household name for legal services in the UK. With over 200 high street locations it is good to know the local name you can trust is still QualitySolicitors Mirza.