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Personal injury solicitors in Walthamstow

If you’ve suffered some personal injury as a result of something someone else did (or didn’t do), then the law says you’re entitled to seek a payment of compensation. The best way to begin this process is by talking to an experienced lawyer who can advise you on a course of action that will benefit you the most.

Many of our personal injury clients tell us that it felt good even just to talk their experience through with a friendly understanding solicitor.  Realising that someone is here to stand up for your cause is an empowering feeling, and we’re here for precisely that reason; if someone else’s negligent action has caused an injury then it’s only fair.

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Getting the right personal injury solicitor can help the process so much.  That’s because the right solicitor will be able to quickly understand what’s happened, and then know exactly what to do about it.

At QualitySolicitors Mirza we’ll take great care of you from start to finish.  In fact we’ll even give you Free Initial Assessment just to check that we can help you.  This is a convenient info-packed ten-minute chat with a solicitor, and afterwards you’ll know so much more about what your options are, so when you call us as for Free Initial Assessment so we can arrange this for you.

If you decide we’re the right law firm for you, then we aim to make the process as simple as possible.  To give you an idea of how we look after you, we’ve outlined our injury claim process here.

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Wouldn’t you rather talk to a local solicitor who really cares about what happens to you rather than a faceless lawyer from a national company?

We truly believe that top quality legal advice combined with our high level of customer service is what keeps our regular clients coming back to us whenever they need to speak to a solicitor.

In the first instance we offer everyone Free Initial Assessment, which is a really useful no-obligation chat with a lawyer that can help to clarify how the law can help your circumstances.  We can also happily give you an idea of what our legal fees would be; and this transparency means you’ll never encounter any hidden costs from us at all.

We also give all our clients direct lawyer contact details so you can get in touch easily any time, and if your solicitor isn’t available when you call then we promise to get a same-day response back to you.

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At QualitySolicitors Mirza, we understand that injury law is a very personal thing, and no two circumstances are exactly alike. 

That’s why we provide a whole range of personal injury-related services to suit the varied circumstances our clients need help with.  We provide top quality legal services relating to fatal injury claims, inquests, life-changing injuries, road traffic collisions, and workplace injuries and disease.

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Salom Ahmad has specialised in personal injury matters for over eight years; “It’s perfectly natural to feel a bit apprehensive if you decide to approach a lawyer about making a personal injury claim, so please be assured that you’ll always get a sympathetic and understanding welcome from everyone here at QualitySolicitors Mirza.  We’re here to listen first, work quickly to get all the information we need, and then we can provide exactly the right advice and guidance to get you the best possible result.

Call an expert personal injury solicitor in the Walthamstow area

If you’re thinking about seeking legal advice after some personal injury, then we’re sure you’ll have a lot of questions.

That’s why we’re offering Free Initial Assessment, which is a free ten-minute chat with one of our friendly lawyers so you can tell us what happened and we can tell you how we could help. Our service is no win, no fee and a promise of no hidden costs. If your genuine claim does not result in any compensation, we will not charge you anything for our services.

There’s no obligation at all, we just want you to know there’s someone here who could help you.  Call 020 3553 2429 for more details today.

Looking for more information about personal injury law?+

The Citizens Advice Bureau has produced an excellent personal injury fact sheet which is available on their website.

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