Our Top Tips to try and avoid a stressful and expensive divorce

Our divorce experts Gillian Robson, Tim Barker and Lisa Russell give some simple advice on how to avoid a stressful, expensive and drawn-out divorce.


Going through a divorce isn’t on anyone’s top ten list of good things to do in their life, but you can make it easier on yourself by getting the right advice at the outset and avoid potential costly and difficult mistakes that just turn the whole experience into more of a battle than it needs to be.  We have a package that will suit you and allow you to talk to a lawyer at the very start without any hidden costs.

Whatever your pocket we have a package that should suit you.  We offer a fixed fee divorce for £300* including Vat, or our DIY Divorce in a Box pack with all you need in a step by step guide with sample forms to guide you for £60*.  Or feel free to come and see us for more in depth advice at our Ask the Expert sessions for £60. We also offer a Free Family Friday advice clinic on Friday afternoons from our Law Shop in Blyth for free initial advice. (*Court Fees may be payable depending on your income and capital position).

Seriously, this is no joke. If you’re in hole stop digging. Try and communicate with each other as far as you can do, it can only make things more expensive in the long run if you end up doing all your talking through lawyers. This is especially important when it comes to finances and children.

Did you know that almost half of UK marriages end in divorce?  It’s pretty likely you’ll know someone who has been through it either in your family or a good friend. Talk to them and learn from them and see what worked and didn’t work so you can avoid the same mistakes.

It’s always going to be the case that people around you are probably going to take sides and that’s only natural but it’s important you don’t necessarily let them cloud your own judgment with their views on your ex partner. They don’t have to see them again but the likelihood is you may need to at least until the divorce is sorted out and especially likely if there are children involved too.

You would be amazed at how often we’ve had divorcing couples sort out the big issues only to end up in complete disagreement about the smaller issues, who gets the satellite box? Or who gets the patio furniture? Keep your energy for the big issues and try and sort out the with your ex partner a list of who owns what and agree this together early on and avoid petty disagreements.  See the bigger picture.

Keep a record of all of the expenses that you have throughout the divorce process, for example travel. If you can do, agree with your ex partner how these should be divided between you both - this will help to avoid you having to get solicitors involved in disputes over relatively small sums at a later date. 

It can be easy to get drawn into this and once it starts it’s hard to stop it. It becomes a viscous circle and no one really wins in the end. See the bigger picture and rise above it.  It may be hard to swallow but in the long run it will save you time and expense and the result will still be the same – divorce or separation. As with everything in life, there’s a hard way and an easy way and why wouldn’t you chose the easy way?


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