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Divorce solicitors in Blyth, Bedlington and Ashington

It’s been described as one of the most stressful things you can experience, and sometimes with good reason. But getting a good divorce lawyer feels empowering. Having a good solicitor to advise, guide and support you throughout their divorce is something that many of our clients tell us was invaluable. We can explain the process, suggest what options you have, and then advise you when we think you should or shouldn’t proceed.

At QualitySolicitors Lawson and Thompson we simply want to help you through your divorce and on to a successful resolution.  As your representatives, we can handle all the paperwork, deal with the other party, act on any specific instructions you might have, and offer options and advice whenever appropriate. We even offer a fixed fee divorce package.

Come in, sit down, and we’ll chat over a coffee.  We’ll advise you about what you could do, as well as what you can’t do.  And together we’ll draw up a plan of action to guide you through the whole process from start to finish.

Then we’ll work very hard to ensure you get all the legal advice, support and guidance you need to get the best possible resolution.

One of the reasons we’re different from other law firms is because customer service is a very important thing for us. 

Maintaining a friendly working relationship while we support our clients with top class legal advice is very important to us.  That’s why we take care to listen to your wants and needs, and then always keep you informed every step of the way, but if you ever have any questions then use the direct lawyer contact details that we’ll give you, and your solicitor will do everything they can to get you a same-day response.

We’re even open and upfront about what our legal fees are.  We’re happy explain our fees before we get started so with QualitySolicitors Lawson and Thompson you’ll find no hidden costs on our bill. We offer a fixed price divorce package for £300 plus vat. Speak to us about this package.

We have expert solicitors who are happy to deal with your divorce from our Blyth, Bedlington or Ashington offices.

As well as providing our clients with top quality divorce advice, we can also help with more specific aspects of divorce-related law as and when required.  Naturally we believe you would rather work with a friendly knowledgeable lawyer who can handle any specific details as quickly and efficiently as possible, which is why our solicitors also offer legal services relating to arrangements for children, change of name, domestic violence, family mediation, and separation.

If you’re looking for expert divorce solicitors in Blyth, Bedlington or Ashington then we can help.

Tim Barker is a partner here at QualitySolicitors Lawson and Thompson; “Most divorce clients tell us they need the full support of a solicitor whom they can trust to look after their best interests.  We approach each and every divorce with care and attention, so we can really understand your worries and concerns.  Most people have many more options than they think they have, and it’s only by talking to a divorce expert that you can clarify your position and put together a practical plan of action.

Our divorce solicitors in Blyth, Bedlington and Ashington are experts that will provide all the legal advice you want.

If you’d like to talk to us to see how we could help you, then take advantage of our Free Initial Assessment.

With our Free Initial Assessment, in just ten minutes or so you can tell us about your situation and then suggest what your next steps might be, for just the cost of a phone call.

Call us today on 01670 751 679 for a friendly free chat with one of our specialist legal representatives.

"Divorce in a Box" – all you need for £60

The complete DIY guide to start your own divorce proceedings,
with specimen forms, links to free downloadable forms
and a general guide to what to do, how to do it and when to do it.

No experience necessary.

This helpful 85 page colour book will take you through the process
from start to finish.


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