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Making arrangements for children with solicitors in Ilford

When a relationship is approaching its end, it’s often difficult to make clear decisions that you can be sure will benefit both you and your children. But having a reliable caring solicitor to turn to – one you can really trust to look after your best interests – can really help you cope, even through the toughest of times.

When you split with your partner, making suitable arrangements for your children is likely to be a high priority.  But if things ever become complicated, then making the right decisions can become difficult.  A solicitor brings a clear head and an authoritative voice to a challenging situation.

How can you ensure that you’re making the very best arrangements for your children when your relationship breaks down? 

Talk to a family law expert.

Our family law solicitors will talk you through all your options clearly and without legal jargon.  If you ever have a query then get in touch using the direct lawyer contact details that you’ll be given, and whatever your query we’ll do everything we can to get a same-day response back to you.

And in addition, we’re more than happy to discuss all our legal fees upfront, so you won’t find any hidden costs on your bill.

We give great legal advice that can really help you through complex issues such as making suitable arrangements for your children if your relationship has come to an end. 

Naturally everyone wants to do what’s best, and we have lots of practical experience in these matters, so whatever your circumstances we’re sure that our legal advice can help you and your children.

We’re a friendly firm who will happily do everything we can for you to help you move forward with more stability and assurance so that you and your children can enjoy some level of normality during emotionally challenging times.

In addition, we can help you with other family-related matters including divorce and domestic violence, and we might also be able to work for you on a fixed fee basis if that helps you to budget.

Nathalie El-Korashy specialises exclusively in child and family law; “It’s so important of course to ensure that children are looked after, but when emotions run high it’s often difficult to communicate about something that you may both actually agree on.  However you both feel, many people simply find it easier to listen to advice from a friendly understanding solicitor who really cares about getting a positive sensible result.  We’re here to help you to make decisions that can provide a more stable environment for your children.”

How to get in touch with an expert family law solicitor in Ilford

If you’re not sure whether getting legal advice is the right thing to do, then we can tell you how we might help without it costing you anything.

We can offer Free Initial Assessment, which is a ten-minute chat with one of our legal representatives that lets you talk about your situation so that we can ascertain how we might help;

Feel free to call us today on 020 8478 0888, and we’ll be happy to tell you how we could help.


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