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Fixed Fee for Children Issues

It is quite common for parents either before or after separation to try and agree on with whom the children should reside and when they should be able to see the other parent. We would always try and resolve these issues through either negotiations or mediation, however if this is not possible, you may need to make an Application to Court in order for a decision to be made. Please see below our fixed fees in respect of both reaching an agreement and preparing a Consent Order for the Court’s approval up to a Final Contested Hearing:-


Service Cost VAT Total
Step 1      
Initial Fixed Fee Meeting £82.50 £16.50 £99.00
Step 2      
Correspondence and telephone calls - - Hourly rate
When no proceedings issued - - hourly rate
Step 3 - - -
Drafting Contract Agreement £450.00 £90.00 £540.00
Referral to Mediation £100.00 £20.00 £120.00
Step 4 - - -
Application to Court (C100) £150.00 £30.00 £180.00
Application to Court (C100 & C1A) £200.00 £40.00 £240.00
Step 5      
Representation at First Hearing £650.00 £130.00 £780.00
Step 6      
All work up to Directions/Review Hearing £950.00 £190.00 £1,140.00
Step 7      
Representation at Directions/Review Hearing £650.00 £130.00 £780.00
All work carried out between Final Directions Hearing and Fact Finding Hearing/Final Hearing £1500.00 £300.00 £1,800.00
Step 8      
All work between Directions/Review Hearings £950.00 £190.00 £1,140.00


Please note that you will have to pay for any representation at any Fact Finding/ Final Hearing, together with any external fees, such as Process Server’s, Barrister’s, etc. 

If we need to prepare instructions for a Barrister to represent you, our fixed fee is £200 plus VAT of £40, totalling £240.00. 

In addition you will have to pay a fee for the Barrister’s attendance and representation. 

In addition to our charges, you may also be required to pay Court fees when making an application to the Court, as well as charges for representation at the hearing itself, which may vary according to the length of the hearing.  Although these are not included in the charges shown above, please contact one of our team for further details. 

The Court fee to issue an application under the Children Act 1989 is currently £232.


*Price applicable for Family Court at Romford and Family Court at Bow. Hearings at the following Courts will be as follows:-

  1. Family Court at East London + £50 plus VAT to fee
  2. Family Court at Edmonton  + £50 plus VAT to fee
  3. Family Court at Chelmsford  + £100 plus VAT to fee
  4. Family Court at Barnet    + £100 plus VAT to fee
  5. Family Court at Bromley + £100 plus VAT to fee
  6. Family Court at Central Family Court + £150 plus VAT to fee
  7. Family Court at West London + £150 plus VAT to fee


All other courts on application

Matters issued in one court but transferred to another will incur the cost of the Court to which the matter has been transferred.


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