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Fixed Fees for Financial Issues

As members of Resolution, we will always try and enable you and your spouse/civil partner to reach an agreement with regard to any financial issues rather than engaging in potentially long and expensive Court Proceedings.

If an agreement can be reached, in order to ensure that the agreement is legally binding, we can turn it into what is known as a Consent Order. Our fees for assisting you in order to obtain a Consent Order are as follows:-

Service Cost VAT Total
Initial consultation in order to provide you with clear general advice in respect of financial issues £82.50 £16.50 £99
Assets over £750,000 - - Hourly rate
Voluntary Financial disclosure (including Form E, questionnaires and replies to questionnaires) £1750 £350 £2100
Initial Negotiations (including meetings with your solicitor and correspondence - unless fixed fee agreed) - - Hourly rate
Preparation of a Consent Order £650.00 £130.00 £780.00

In addition, there will be a Court fee of £50.00 payable to the Court when lodging your Application for the Order to be approved and sealed by a Judge.

Please note that although the above fees relate to the vast majority of cases, in the event that your case is unusually complex or the negotiations involve more than eight hours work at that time we will continue the matter based on our hourly rate of £200 once we have had the opportunity of reviewing your case and discussing it with you.

Sorting out financial issues through the Court

In the event that it is not possible for you to reach an agreement with regard to any outstanding financial issues, you may wish to make an Application to the Court for what is known as a ‘Financial Order’.  The Court will then put in place a timetable and framework for which various matters need to be addressed, including financial disclosure.  Prior to the first Court hearing, both parties should have completed what are known as ‘Form E Financial Statements’ setting out full details of all their financial interests.  In addition, if one party has not provided full details, the other party may wish to prepare what is known as a ‘Questionnaire’ setting out all the questions and queries that they may wish to raise for the other party to answer.  At the first hearing the Court can consider those questions and make an Order requiring one or both parties to answer the Questionnaires within a certain period of time.  If matters cannot be resolved at the first hearing, it will then be listed for what is known as an ‘FDR (Financial Dispute Resolution) Hearing’.

At the FDR the Court will want to ensure that all matters have been addressed, whereupon each party will set out their respective positions.  The main purpose of the FDR is for the parties to negotiate an agreed settlement. If possible, a Judge will provide an indication as to what he or she feels would be an appropriate settlement.  The Judge does not however have any power to make a Final Order on this date and can only persuade the parties to reach an agreement based upon his indication.  If this is not possible, the Judge will then list the matter for a Final Hearing.

At the Final Hearing the Judge will consider all the evidence filed in the case, as well as listening to whatever yourself and your spouse/civil partner have to say.  After doing so the Judge will normally then be in position to make a judgement and Final Order within the Proceedings.

We are able to help you with a range of services in the hope that matters can be resolved without the need to engage in contested Court hearings.  If it is possible, you will only need to pay for the amount of help required, thereby keeping your costs down to an absolute minimum.  If however, the matter does need to proceed to Court and requires assistance, we will be able to represent you within the following competitive fixed fees:-

Court Proceedings

Service Cost VAT Court Fee Total
Preparing application for a Financial Order   £100 £20 £255 £375
Financial disclosure (including Form E, questionnaires and replies to questionnaires) £1750 £350   £2100
Representation at First Appointment* £650 £130   £780
From the First Appointment up to FDR including ongoing negotiations £2000 £400   £2400
Representation at Financial Dispute Resolution Hearing* £950 £190   £1140
Up to any additional hearings £800 £160   £960
Representation at Additional hearing* £650 £130   £780
Preparation for a Final Hearing including Brief to Counsel £1800 £360   £2160

Please note that the above charges do not include representation at a Final hearing. A barrister of your choosing will normally represent you at such a hearing.

In the event that it is necessary for us to instruct an expert on your behalf, you will have to pay the cost of the expert’s advice, as well as any representation at Court. 

Service Cost VAT Total
Our fees for preparing instructions to an expert are as follows £400 £80 £480

Before instructing an expert, we would suggest that you in any event discuss the matter with us so that we can provide you with as much information as possible in order to assist you in making a decision.

*Price applicable for Family Court at Romford and Family Court at Bow. Hearings at the following Courts will be as follows:-

  • Family Court at East London + £50 plus VAT to fee
  • Family Court at Edmonton  + £50 plus VAT to fee
  • Family Court at Chelmsford  + £100 plus VAT to fee
  • Family Court at Barnet    + £100 plus VAT to fee
  • Family Court at Bromley + £100 plus VAT to fee
  • Family Court at Central Family Court + £150 plus VAT to fee
  • Family Court at West London + £150 plus VAT to fee

All other courts on application

Matters issued in one court but transferred to another will incur the cost of the Court to which the matter has been transferred.

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