If you believe that you or your children’s safety may be at risk, you may wish to apply to the Court for an Injunction.  Injunctions may include Non-Molestation and Occupation Orders preventing someone from using or threatening violence against you, to being prohibited from coming anywhere near your home.  An Injunction may also be obtained to prevent someone from removing your children from you or the country. 

It may not always be necessary to apply to the Court for an Injunction and often a Solicitor’s warning letter can have the desired affect.  Our fixed fee charges are set out below:-

Initial meeting and warning letter £250.00
VAT £50.00
Total £300.00
Application for Injunction including 1st hearing* £1,000.00
VAT £200.00
Total £1,200.00
Injunction (return date) and any further directions hearing* £650.00
VAT £130.00
Total £780.00

Preparing for Final Hearing* or Fact Finding Hearing*
Excluding representation at the Hearing* 

VAT £240.00
Total £1,440.00

There will be a fee for serving the injunction by way of a process server and a quotation will be obtained prior to service. Please be aware that the order does not come into force until the order has been served.

Representation at a final hearing will be conducted by a barrister and quotations will be provided prior to the hearing.

Defence of A Non Molestation Order

Initial meeting, preparing statement and attendance at return date 

VAT £200.00
Total £1,200.00

Representation at further hearings* are as above

*Price applicable for Family Court at Romford and Family Court at Bow. Hearings at the following Courts will be as follows:-

Family Court at East London + £50 plus VAT to fee

Family Court at Edmonton + £50 plus VAT to fee
Family Court at Chelmsford + £100 plus VAT to fee
Family Court at Barnet + £100 plus VAT to fee
Family Court at Bromley + £100 plus VAT to fee
Family Court at Central Family Court + £150 plus VAT to fee
Family Court at West London + £150 plus VAT to fee

All other courts on application

Matters issued in one court but transferred to another will incur the cost of the Court to which the matter has been transferred.

In addition to the above there will be a charge for either mileage at 45p per mile or travel expenses and parking.