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Fixed Fee for Undefended Divorces

An undefended divorce is when you wish to start proceedings and your spouse or civil partner does not intend to oppose the divorce.

In undefended Divorce Proceedings we:

  • Guarantee a fixed fee for all work carried out on your behalf
  • Provide you with a full explanation as to the steps and stages in respect of Divorce Proceedings from an experienced Family Solicitor and member of Resolution
  • Prepare all relevant paperwork for you
  • Provide you with the option of contacting your Solicitor by e-mail, telephone or personal appointment

What is the Fixed Fee?

As an alternative to charging on the basis of the time spent, we are pleased to offer a fixed fee to deal with divorce proceedings. Our fixed fees are as follows.

Petitioner (a person applying for the divorce) total £1,330 made up as follows;

Our Cost VAT @20% Total (Our Services) Court Fee Total
£650 £130 £780 £550 £1,330

Respondent (a person receiving the divorce papers) total £540 made up as follows;

Our Costs VAT Total Costs
£450 £90 £540

All work in relation to divorce and other family matters are carried out by fully qualified, vastly experienced family solicitors who are all members of Resolution.

Payment – we would require payment of the fixed fee prior to the commencement of any work relating to this matter. The court fees is payable prior to submitting the Petition to the Court.

Our fee includes the following;

  • Initial consultation with one of our Family Solicitors.
  • Advice about the proceedings.
  • Preparation of documents including divorce petition, application for decree nisi and decree absolute.
  • Affidavit to support decree nisi.
  • Correspondence with the other party or their Solicitors, agreeing content of petition in advance communicating with the Court andreporting to you.

The following is not included in the fee.

  • Attempting to locate the other party.
  • Making an application to the Court for an order that the petition has deemed to have been served.
  • Defended divorce proceedings.
  • Arranging for divorce documents to be served on the other party personally (this procedure involves instructing a process server who will have separate instructions and his own fees).
  • Amending the divorce papers after proceedings have started.
  • Any additional expenses such as obtaining a certified copy of your marriage certificate (if you do not have the original).
  • Translation of your marriage certificate if this is not in English.
  • Unforeseen complexities arising from the case which require additional work or advice or attention.
  • Any advice regarding children or finances.

We anticipate that your matter will take between 6 to 9 months to conclude. This will of course depend on whether there are other issues that need to be resolved such as finances and children.

In the event that the other side do not return the acknowledgment of service form it may be necessary to serve a copy by way of either a court bailiff or a process server. The costs of this will be conveyed to you prior to instruction for your approval.

In the event that the other side do not return the acknowledgment of service but it can be demonstrated to a court that there is sufficient evidence to prove that he or she has received it an application may be made for “deemed service”. Our fee for preparing the application and statement in support is £200 plus VAT. In addition there will be a court fee which is currently £50.00.

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