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Cosmetic Treatment goes Wrong – Allegedly caused by beauty facial massage

We spend more money than ever on an increasing range of beauty and cosmetic treatments. Sadly the number of illnesses and injuries caused by these procedures is increasing.

Often the injuries tend to be dermatological in nature as a result of an allergic reaction to an untested product. Who would have thought it possible, let alone likely, for a stroke to be caused as a result of a beauty facial treatment?

Tragically that is what is alleged to have happened to Elizabeth Hughes after what should have been a weekend treat resulted in a serious stroke that left her disabled for life.

The medical experts on both sides agreed that the stroke occurred because of a dissection to the carotid artery. It was alleged that this was caused by the manner in which the beauty therapist carried out the treatment called “ladies stress eliminator”.

It was alleged that the therapist rubbed her thumbs forcefully along the side of Mrs Hughes neck and by using excessive force. This was a novel situation.

The case was awaiting trial in the High Court but settled before hand by agreement for an undisclosed amount.

Staff working in the private cosmetic sector must demonstrate an appropriate standard of care. Compensation might be payable for breach of duty if treatment was not performed to the expected standard, a defective product was used, there was insufficient information about risk or the after care was inadequate.

The case described above shows that the consequences of negligence can be devastating causing physical and emotional suffering.

It is important to obtain expert specialist advice from experienced Solicitors if harm has been caused by cosmetic treatment or surgery that has gone wrong. If you would like any advice on Personal Injury, please contact us on 01323 899331.

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