For literally centuries, seeing a solicitor during office hours was the way it was. But times have changed, and nowadays people’s lives are much busier than they ever were before. That’s why we think law firms should be willing to ‘bend over backwards’, and adapt how they work to make sure their customers get the legal help they need, when they need it.

Trying to get  an 'out of hours' appointment with your solicitor may well have been impossible in the past, but we’re delighted to find that lots of people appreciate the option of doing this now.

“So why don’t more solicitors provide appointments to suit you?”
We think it’s because QualitySolicitors law firms have a more open-minded outlook when it comes to customer service.  

For example, we don’t think people should have to pay to make an initial enquiry with a law firm to see if they can help; so we offer a free initial assessment to clarify how we can help you. We don’t believe people should feel nervous or confused about dealing with their solicitor; so we always use plain English to ensure all customers are fully aware of what’s happening at any point in time.

And we also don’t believe there should be any nasty surprises when you get your bill; so we’re always very clear about what our costs are... before we carry out the work (wherever possible).