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Where there's a Will, there's a Way

Neil Orton explains why it's best to use a qualified solicitor to write a will

It has been well documented in the media recently that huge concerns have arisen following Wills made by Will Writing Service Providers who are not covered by the strict rules and regulations which solicitors have to follow as laid down by the Law Society.

Solicitors are highly trained, fully insured and strictly regulated. The rules which solicitors have to follow ensure that they conduct their business in the interest of the client and that there is a form of redress if things might go wrong. If a law firm were to go out of business then the Solicitors Compensation Fund steps in to look after the firm's clients and settle any claims which might arise. On the other hand, Will Writing Companies are not regulated in this way and there is no control over the training which they receive. In addition, there is no Indemnity Fund to act as a safety net should the company become insolvent. Likewise, there is no guarantee of the quality of legal service which might be given and, as reported on the television recently, there have been many cases of clients of Will Writing Companies who have not been properly advised and who subsequently incurred significant additional costs in sorting out their affairs as a result.

In cases where someone dies without making a Will there are government thresholds which determine how your Estate might be distributed upon your death without having made a Will.

Depending on who might survive you within your family there is a chance that your Estate will be distributed in accordance with the Intestacy Rules between blood relatives whom you may not wish to benefit or who are not in financial need. The Intestacy Rules can be complex and highlight the need for a proper Will to be put in place.

We here take a pride in the service which we deliver for all our clients and would urge all our clients, old and new, to have a properly, professionally drafted Will completed to cover your wishes. We also offer a home visit service for clients who find it difficult to attend the office for which there is no extra charge. Our aim is to give you peace of mind so that your wishes are carried out professionally with care and respect.

There has never been a more important time for you to have a Will in place and to ensure that the Will is fully up to date.

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