We currently have an exhibition of portraits by Garth Vaughan who, through his photographs, wanted to both capture and celebrate a community.  The Colorado-born photographer who has worked fot the New York Times, Forbes and The Walt Disney Company, moved to Crediton about five years ago.

The portraits were shot using only natural light in a studio space in the Town Hall.  His subjects were asked to bring something they felt comfortable with - objects chosen included instruments, pets, work tools and food items.  Garth said "It has to be about the person and their heart."

The Exhibition is available to view at our offices in Crediton until the end of January.  The office is open 9 - 5 Monday to Friday, but it is best to telephone before calling as some of the portraits are in interview rooms and so are only able to be viewed when those rooms are free.

One of the photos from the exhibition which features Chef Nicholas Hack who runs the restaurant Il Casita is shown below.