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  • Posted on August 18, 2018
    Saturday 18 August has been reported as the most common day in 2018 to tie the knot in the UK. However, since the early 1970s, the number of people actually getting married has steadily decreased, dropping a further 3.4% last year. There have been many theories about why marriage rates are falling, but regardless the fact remains that fewer people are formalising their relationship.
  • Posted on June 28, 2018
    A landmark ruling in the Supreme Court says that Parliament should change the law to allow heterosexual couples to enter into a civil partnership – a ceremony previously reserved for same-sex couples. The decision comes after long-term couple Rebecca Steinfield and Charles Keidan argued that they were unlawfully discriminated against as same-sex couples could choose between a civil partnership and a marriage, whilst they could only opt for a marriage.
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