About QualitySolicitors Dunn & Baker in Exeter

Dunn & Baker Solicitors was originally founded in 1885 by Albert Edward Dunn (Member of Parliament) and Charles Baker and is still going strong today, over 130 years later, in Exeter, Newton Abbot and Cullompton.

Our Client Promise

At QualitySolicitors Dunn and Baker we promise you four things:

  • Same day response
  • Direct lawyer contact
  • Clear Price Guarantee
  • Free Initial Assessment

We also strive to:

  • keep you updated on your case regularly
  • make you fully aware of all costs and fees
  • deal with letters, calls and emails efficiently 
  • visit you at work or home if you would prefer
  • give you the name of the partner you can speak to

Our Mission Statement

  1. To provide a service of excellence and quality in all aspects of law that we service
  2. To be exceptional in what we set out to achieve and not to be satisfied with being just good
  3. To provide motivated and capable solicitors giving a level of service that is of the highest of standards
  4. To be dedicated to providing a friendly and accessible legal service to a broad spectrum of clients
  5. Always to treat our clients, business partners and colleagues with courtesy and respect
  6. Always to be open, honest and consistent in all our dealings
  7. Our lawyers are to be approachable, experienced and professional
  8. To be client driven and to ensure that our clients remain of paramount importance to us
  9. To be dedicated to providing specialist advice with utmost professionalism, respect and integrity

Contact us if you need a responsible, efficient and friendly solicitor to help you during your time of need in Exeter, Newton Abbot or Cullompton.

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Why QualitySolicitors?

QualitySolicitors is the largest network of law firms in the UK, with local law firms spanning the whole of England and Wales and customer service at the heart of everything we do.

We are dedicated to providing the highest quality legal advice and expertise for our clients, but in a way that’s far friendlier, more accessible and clear-talking than you might expect from a law firm.