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Debt Recovery Fee Guide

Debts can arise in all walks of life. We regularly advise and assist businesses and individuals alike and fully understand the need to recover outstanding debt in a timely and non-disruptive manner.

Why us?

We are experts in civil litigation and have dealt with claims spanning the entirety of the court system. We pride ourselves on providing a reliable and results driven service and receive instructions on both disputed and undisputed money claims.

We are acutely aware of the need to maintain a strong income stream, especially in austere times and so our aim is to offer the most cost effective service. We act in a transparent manner and aim to make you aware of the likely costs throughout the duration of your matter.

We offer you commercial, practical advice and will furnish you with all available options to achieve the recovery of your money.


Each case is unique. It is advisable to initially discuss your matter with one of our lawyers who can then discuss the fee options available to you.   There are numerous external factors which may affect the fees involved; for example, value of the claim, amount of documents and the complexity of legal issues involved.

Should the value of the claim exceed £50,000 then please do not hesitate to contact us. In this instance we would look to offer a tailored, bespoke fee to meet your needs.

The below table gives guideline indications as to what our likely fees may be for any undisputed debt claim. This is where the defendant elects not to defend the matter and you are able to administratively obtain judgment. The pre action stage encompasses the drafting of a suitably worded pre action protocol letter before claim/any responses.

Debt Value Pre Action Stage (plus VAT) Court Fee to issue proceedings Our Fee (plus VAT)
Up to £5,000 £250-£500 £25-£285 £500-£800
£5,001 – £10,000 £500- £1,500 £410-£455 £800-£1,000
£10,001 – £50,000 £1,000-£3,500 5 % value of claim £1,000- £6,500

Time Scales

For an undisputed claim, it may take up to 2 months from issuing court proceedings to obtaining judgment from the court.

In the event that a defendant fails to comply with a judgment (and pay), then we would happily advise you on any available enforcement proceedings and the likely costs and fees involved.

The following are available enforcement methods together with our likely fee (plus VAT):

Order for Questioning £250
Attachment of Earnings £250
Third Party Debt Order £250
Charging Order £550
Warrant of Control £200
Writ of Control £550

A court fee will also be payable depending upon which available method you seek to deploy and we can advise you on up to date court fees at the necessary time. Up to date court fees can also be found at:

Case Example

We were instructed by an individual to pursue an undisputed debt for £8,000 (plus interest). Upon obtaining a judgment we were instructed to issue enforcement proceedings. Our fees were as follows:

  • Engaging in Pre Action Stage: £600
  • Drafting and Issuing Court proceedings: £650
  • Court fee: £410 (issued online via the Money Claims Online Service)
  • Attachment of Earnings fee: £250
  • Attachment of Earnings court fee: £110
  • The court also ordered the defendant to pay interest together with the court fees.

Further Information

Can be found on the government websites and

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