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Debt Recovery

Are you:-

  • using a big debt collection agency that runs out of steam the moment a debtor starts using delaying tactics or puts in a spurious defence to County Court Proceedings?
  • dealing with someone different every time you contact them?
  • being charged on a structure that discourages the spending of any time getting the difficult ones in?

We don’t think you should be.

We believe that we play a valuable role in the day to day cash flow of our existing clients. Our debt collection department will realistically advise you on debt and the differing recovery methods available to give the best prospect of recovering the sums due to you.

Remember – a low write off percentage makes for a good cash flow and demonstrates to banks and other lenders that you have a tight and effective control on credit.

Credit Screening – a new company is requesting a credit account and the name of a director rings a faint bell? Don’t get caught out.

We can help you:-

  • Establish and verify the track record of previous businesses and companies that he or she may have been involved in – it can sometimes be quite an eye opener!
  • Design credit account application forms so that the maximum useful information is extracted to enable you to make a valued judgement.
  • Design terms and conditions which set out in clear detail what your customers can expect from you and what you in turn will provide

Debt recovery fee guide

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