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Fatal Accidents

It is possible to bring a claim for compensation arising out of a wrongful act that causes the death of a spouse or family member.

We understand that this is a very difficult time for a family and ensure such claims are dealt with the proper level of understanding, care and professionalism.

Fatal accidents occur most commonly in road traffic accidents and accidents at work.

Bringing a fatal accident claim can be very complex and there is often a requirement to attend an inquest. An inquest detailing a fatal injury caused by some form of negligence can be a traumatic experience. We can attend the inquest with you or on your behalf to ensure proper representation is made to the coroner (if necessary). The coroner’s findings at an inquest can have an impact on the merit of bringing a fatal injury claim. An inquest establishes the cause of a person’s death. The role of the coroner is not to apportion blame, although a coroner can give a verdict providing comment upon the circumstances of the death.

The inquest will usually hear from those directly involved at the time of the death and we appreciate that they are emotional affairs that can be difficult to endure. We can advise you how to seek compensation depending on the decision of the inquest.

Remember, seeking justice for another’s negligence is an important right and we have some of the best lawyers in the UK to help you through this complex process.

We strongly recommend that you act fast and instruct a specialist lawyer as soon as possible after a fatal accident occurs and invite you to contact our legal experts for a FREE initial consultation.

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