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Driving Safely in Winter Conditions

As we enter February, it’s easy to get carried away and dream of the summer sun. The unfortunate reality however, is that this month is looking as though it could be the coldest February on record, with the Met Office forecasting plummeting temperatures well into the minus figures.

With these frosty mornings comes the ever present danger of icy roads and dangerous conditions for drivers.

Driving Safety

Helpfully, the Highway Code publishes guidance to help us all get through this frosty February. Under the code, you must:

  • Clear all snow and ice from your windows
  • Ensure that lights and mirrors are clean
  • Number plates are visible

It is estimated that stopping distances can be ten times greater when driving in icy conditions and for these reasons it is recommended that we drive at a slow speed, in a high gear and take bends slowly when loss of control is likely.

Helpful Tips

As mentioned in the code, it is illegal to drive without demisting your windscreen. Demisting a car before the early commute can be a tiresome (and cold) process, particularly if you don’t have any de-icer to hand!

The RAC have however provided a helpful guide to demisting your windscreen. The most effective method is to start the heater off on cold, slowly increasing the temperature. If your car has air-con, you should turn it on to keep the atmosphere dry and use the demisting button if you have one to speed things up.

According to the RAC you could even use shaving foam to prevent your windscreen from misting up – it should provide a protective barrier! If putting shaving foam on your windscreen isn’t for you however, parking your car facing East may help melt any ice and keep your car warm should the sun be out.

Stay Safe

Department for Transport reported that in 2014, when driving on icy roads:

  • 29 people were killed
  • 251 were seriously injured
  • 2,274 were slightly injured

The likelihood of a crash increases by 12% in winter months and for these reasons it is essential to remain vigilant and stay safe this winter.

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