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Injured in a road traffic accident? Claim before it’s too late and use your own lawyer

There are proposed changes by the Ministry Of Justice to limit your right to make a compensation claim for injuries sustained in a road traffic accident, which may be brought into force within the next 15 months.

These unfair proposals will leave the innocent victims of road traffic accidents out of pocket. Someone injured in a car crash could suffer back pain for 6 months and find their claim limited to a fixed sum of £225, yet the same person could claim compensation for 6 months back pain caused by an accident at work and may be awarded around £2,050 or more.

You are strongly advised to start any claim you may have arising from a road traffic accident now to ensure you receive fair and just compensation for your injuries, before the proposed changes are implemented.

What to do if you are unfortunate enough to be involved in a road traffic accident?

~  Exchange names address and phone numbers of all parties involved. It is recommended you also report the accident to the police within 24 hours.

~  Obtain the other drivers insurance details. It is not advisable to discuss any aspect of your accident with the other driver’s insurance company as they may pressure you into settling your claim for a significantly lower amount than you are entitled to claim.

~   If possible, note the names and addresses of any witnesses (including passengers in the car).

~   Take a description of all the cars involved in the accident including your own, including registration number, make, model, colour and damage sustained.

~   Note the location of the accident, street, junction, time, date and weather conditions.

~   Take photographs of the accident location and of the damage to all vehicles (use your mobile phone or keep a disposable camera in your car).

~   Ensure you produce a copy of your insurance when requested to do so. Your insurance policy may stipulate that this must be done and if you fail to do this your insurer may refuse to provide you with cover for your accident.

~   Report the accident to your own motor insurance company as soon as possible. Your insurance policy may stipulate that this must be done and if you fail to do this your insurer may refuse to provide you with cover for your accident. Do not let your insurer dictate who your solicitor should be.

~   Seek medical attention. Even if you are not seriously injured it is recommended you visit your GP in order that a record of your injury can be made and for you to be medically assessed and for suitable rehabilitation treatment arranged.

If you are injured then arrange a meeting with a specialist road traffic accident lawyer. DO NOT be pressured by your own insurance company to use a lawyer they recommend. You have the freedom of choice to use your own lawyer no matter what your insurer tells you.

QualitySolicitors Dunn & Baker LLP are independent of any insurance company. We offer a no win no fee agreement and a free initial consultation. You can contact QualitySolicitors Dunn & Baker on 01392 285 000.

Gary Whitaker, Solicitor/Personal Injury Department Head

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