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What does PI mean?

“P” and “I” are the first letters of the words Personal Injury – something we sincerely hope you will never experience. However, should you suffer an injury, whether at work, as a victim of a road traffic collision or even a slip, trip or fall, our first promise to you is that we will never add insult to that injury.

From our years of experience, we know that PI does not always have to have negative connotations:

Positive Interaction  - From your first contact with our Department, we promise we will do everything possible to show you the light at the end of your dark tunnel.

Personal Interest - We don’t just care about your injuries, we also care about you. The first few weeks following your injury will be deeply unsettling and we will use our experience to help you to cope.

Practical Intervention - As your claim progresses, we will constantly assess your personal requirements and will be able to appoint a Case Manager. They will advise you on both practical aids and rehabilitation; this can range from something as simple as a walking frame to a course of physiotherapy tailored to your exact needs.

Professional Instruction - We will ensure that you are seen by medical professionals at the very peak of their disciplines who will assess you for medico-legal purposes and prepare reports to support your claim.

Psychological Impact - We understand that each person reacts differently to the trauma caused by sustaining an injury but, if it is necessary, we can arrange for the best psychiatric assessment to take place with the prepared report supporting your claim.

Pounds In pocket - During the course of your claim, we will be able to apply for what are known as interim payments. These are monies paid to you on account of the damages that you will finally receive. These can be used for all manner of things from helping you with everyday expenses to funding specific treatments.

These are just a few of the ways in which we will help, support and guide you so, should the worst happen, call us. We promise it will be the first positive step on your road to physical, psychological and financial recovery.

Andrew Wendon -  Partner, Head of Department -  01392 285005
Rebekah Baty - PI Litigator - 01392 285481
Anne Kendall - Legal Assistant - 01392 285034