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Congratulations Jennie Read

The Partners are pleased to announce that Jennie Read has recently attained the Resolution Accredited Specialist qualification in family law and including the specialisms of Domestic Violence and International Child Abduction.

The Resolution assessors commented that Jennie “demonstrated an exceptionally high standard of knowledge and experience and practical application of the law” and that she is “mindful of the role and effectiveness of mediation which invariably provides the best outcome in these sometimes highly fraught international cases.” 

With this additional expertise Jennie can assist and advise clients in all matters relating to child abduction and international children law including in cases where a parent wishes to relocate abroad or they wish to oppose a wish by another parent to relocate abroad with their children.

Jennie will also be able to provide specialist advice in circumstances where a child has been brought to the United Kingdom by one parent without the other parent’s consent. Furthermore, Jennie can take urgent and incisive steps where a parent has brought their child to the United Kingdom without the other’s consent and they are seeking the child’s return. A common scenario that Jennie will assist with consists of any situation where there

is a risk that a child will be, or has been taken to another country without a parent’s consent.

Jennie can also establish whether Legal Aid is likely to be available and discuss funding options if this is inappropriate.

Dunn & Baker will now apply to become a member of the International Child Abduction and Contact Unit (ICACU) Panel of Solicitors in England and Wales, to assist in child abduction cases. This is an exciting opportunity to develop and expand the firm’s areas of expertise within our specialist family team.