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Bring your injury claim on time

Do not delay in bringing a claim.

Once you have an accident the clock starts ticking. Should too much time pass by then you may well find that you are prevented from bringing a claim at all unless you have good reason for the delay (such as not being able to deal with your affairs at all due to a recognised disability).

The Limitation Act 1980 means that you must start Court Proceedings by a certain date.

The general position is that a claim must be brought within 3 years of an accident or if the accident is to a child then before the child turns 21.

For the majority of disease cases or those claims involving a delayed onset of symptoms the three year limitation period will start to run from the claimant’s date of knowledge.

There are also shorter time limits for accidents on aircrafts or boats and longer time limits for injuries caused by a faulty product.

As an example, a claim brought under the Protection from Harassment Act 1997 has a limitation period of 6 years. A victim of crime only has 2 years to bring a claim against the Criminal Injury Compensation Authority.

If you are injured then it is recommended you speak to a specialist lawyer as soon as possible. There is nothing to be gained by delay as evidence gets lost or stale over time and limitation periods can expire.

Determining the correct limitation date in a case can be a very complex and you do need specialist legal advice.

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