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Criminal Injuries Compensation Claims

Following a recent review and news reports, the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA) has received some criticism for their procedures.

The CICA is a body that deals with compensation claims from people who have been physically or mentally injured because they were a victim of a violent crime in England, Scotland or Wales.

It has been claimed that the process of going through a CICA claim can be traumatising for victims and the purpose of this article is to reassure anyone considering making a claim that our experts will be there to guide them through the process with empathy and experience.

It is claimed that the process is traumatising due to victims needing to provide descriptions of the crimes against them including times, dates and addresses. Whilst we will indeed require information of the crime in order to submit the online CICA form, following this you can leave your legal expert to continue the conduct of your claim on your behalf.

Leaving your expert to deal with the claim enables you to continue with your life whilst knowing your claim is being dealt with. If required, our experts can also point you in the direction of any relevant services you may wish to use.

We can deal with all correspondence from the CICA and will revert to you with regular updates on how your claim is progressing and, when necessary, will seek your instructions on how to continue.

Our CICA specialist approaches each case with compassion and understanding.

Are you interested in making a CICA claim?

As mentioned above, the CICA deals with providing compensation to those who have been a victim of violent crime.

You must bring a claim within 2 years and the crime must have been reported to the Police. A conviction for the perpetrator is not essential however.

The 2 year time frame will not apply in the case of childhood sexual or physical abuse or if you can prove you could not claim earlier.

If you meet the eligibility requirements and would like to speak to someone about your potential CICA claim, please contact our specialist team on 01392 285000.