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What type of separation or divorce do you want?

When asked the question “what type of divorce or separation do you want?” no one ever answers ”one that is as expensive emotionally and financially as possible”. Notwithstanding this many couples find themselves soon drawn into a process where they are both passengers and with limited influence over the direction or speed by which their particular situation is resolved.

At Dunn & Baker we find that mediation offers a couple the immediate prospect of being more mutually in control and having the ability to set their own agenda and pace. Mediation is an inclusive process which strives to assist a couple constructively and respectfully to explore options whilst always keeping the interests and welfare of any children front and centre.

Where the hourly cost of mediation is usually half the likely hourly cost of any lawyer appointed this brings an obvious financial saving for the family at a time where the financial pressure of running now two households on the same income emerges. Mediation should for this reason be an obvious choice for all couples and the sooner this is considered as the best starting (and possibly final) option the more likely it is that a solution can be discovered, embraced and formalised.

If you are interested in discussing the prospect of mediation and if this is the right process for you kindly contact Darren Cleverdon via or 01392 285045.