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Commercial Property

If you have a commercial property, either as a Tenant, Landlord or Owner/Occupier, your business will rely upon it to trade. It may be a café, shop, pub, office or warehouse – whatever it is; you need to be sure that you have the necessary legal rights to use it for your required purpose. Dunn & Baker can advise on leases, title and laws so you can carry on doing business.

Buying, selling, leasing or just working from a commercial property is different to a domestic one. Issues that arise are unlikely to be part of a normal conveyance. That’s why Dunn & Baker has specialist commercial property solicitors, solicitors that understand commercial property matters. What remains unchanged is the need to conduct the correct searches, negotiate contracts, check title and resolve issues.

From the Tenant’s perspective, entering into even a short term lease at relatively low rent may place onerous repairing obligations or requirements to comply with unknown statutory regulations and so the correct investigation and advice is essential before entering into any type of commitment.

From the Landlord’s perspective, it is essential that the correct procedures are followed to ensure that the business tenant does not gain security of tenure when it is not intended and that you consider whether it is appropriate for a guarantor to be party to the lease or perhaps a rent deposit is required.

Dunn & Baker helps businesses like you. We take complex commercial property matters and make them simple. We use plain English, not legal jargon. Likely timescales, costs and outcomes are explained at the start, and we keep in regular contact throughout. And are happy to deal with any questions you have.