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The impact of Coronavirus upon the area of Family Law

The Coronavirus pandemic is having a dramatic impact upon our daily lives. Even whilst continuing to work from home the family team at Dunn and Baker have experienced an influx of enquiries from concerned existing and future clients who are worried about the way in which the pandemic is or will affect their financial and domestic situations.

We are finding, for example, that many are struggling to know what is would be the best approach for their children when they usually spend time with a non-resident parent on a regular basis. We have already posted really useful guidance from both the Court and CAFCASS to assist parents struggling with this scenario. Our expert team of children lawyers are able to discuss your particular situation and needs.

Furthermore, on a financial side, the Coronavirus is disturbing the ability to find sufficiently certain financial arrangements between separated parties to a relationship. Commonly this is emerging where in these times an agreement recently struck may no longer be feasible or fair due to a change in income or the loss of a sale that was intended to occur to distribute capital. 

It is possible in limited circumstances to revisit financial agreements or Court Orders made if it is right and fair to do so where the relevant legal criteria is met. It is unclear at the moment whether the Coronavirus would count as one of those special reasons to legitimately step away from or vary an agreement that was reached in more settled times.

At Dunn and Baker we have a number of specialist family finance lawyers who are also able to discuss your concerns and strive to provide whatever legal support is considered necessary.

In these unprecedented times please contact us on 01392 285000 


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