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Setting The Tone

The preparation of divorce or dissolution proceedings has become increasingly formulaic with the new user friendly form designed to save the court time and couples the need to involve a lawyer. The reality, however, is that individuals still prefer to employ the expertise and assistance of a lawyer. This is hardly surprising when you consider reaching the decision to separate is a hard enough task in itself where naturally there are a flood of feelings both mixed and sometimes determined to make brave changes which will immediately impact upon the future lives of each person, their children, families and friends.

When arriving at the prospect of  a divorce or dissolution it is important to approach this without convenience or a sense of a means to an end. It should instead have respect to the relationship from which they are departing. There were usually happier times, there were similarly calmer waters and yet so often there is a tendency to reflect upon a relationship with negativity at the end of the same. Where the couple have children the relationship of the parents will continue, albeit in a different form,  but hopefully with the common ground to reduce the impact of their adult decisions upon their children.

The manner in which a divorce or dissolution begins or is stated in the court papers can set the tone for the separation and proceedings. Most people if asked “what sort of divorce would you like?” would usually say one that is not difficult and not financially or emotionally expensive. It is for this reason, coupled with the fact that everyone’s circumstances are unique and require tailored advice, that our clients at Dunn & Baker continue to have the conversation about how to approach the commencement of proceedings carefully and always prefer to let our specialist family team guide them through the process and maximise the chances of setting a constructive and collaborative tone.  Too often we meet with clients who have received clumsy and misguided divorce or dissolution papers where already the damage has been done and an unfortunate tone set.

We offer a free initial meeting to discuss the type of separation, divorce or dissolution that is being sought. Kindly contact the Family Team on 01392 285000 to arrange such a conversation.

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