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Ask the Legal Expert

If you’ve got questions or concerns about how the law applies to your situation or problem – this exclusive service can help you with one-to-one friendly advice and guidance from an experienced solicitor.

Perhaps you want some advice but don’t want to actually instruct a lawyer to take on the case, at least not yet. Or you’re being sued and want some guidance on your position.

Maybe you’re having trouble in your family life and want some expert advice? Perhaps you’d like help writing a letter or completing legal documents? Or you’ve been disappointed with someone's service or something you've bought  and want some pointers on how to complain or claim compensation?

This is your opportunity to access an experienced lawyer’s wealth of knowledge and experience, on a one-off basis, without all the usual expenses which tend to be associated with using a law firm.

For just £99, we offer a unique Ask the Legal Expert service, designed to give you expert legal advice at an affordable price, to help you decide on the best way forward for you.

Call us to find out more today on 0161 477 5377 you can use our Free Initial Assessment telephone service to see if we can help. The Free Initial Assessment call will also help you decide if your situation is one where it is worth spending time and money taking it further. 

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