You might want to  change your name for all sorts of reasons and provided it isn't done to commit fraud or with other criminal intention the law allows you to do this.

You could simply ask others to call you by your new name but if you want to change official documents such as your passport or driving licence or medical records you should have a Change of Name Deed ("Deed Poll").

QualitySolicitors Belshaws can help you change your name simply and easily. A change of name deed is drawn up by one of our expert lawyers and the proper procedure carried out to ensure its legal status. If there are any associated matters to the change of name deed, we can explain all this.

You may wish to change the names of your children if they are of a certain age. This requires certain consents but we can advise on what is needed. 

If you need advice on this, call us now for free initial advice and information about our low fixed fees on FREEPHONE 0800 169 9432 or 0161 477 5377