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Lasting Powers of Attorney

If you're planning ahead for the possibility that one day you might need or want help with your property and financial affairs or with health and welfare decisions , QualitySolicitors are here to provide you with expert professional advice and to ensure that the arrangements you want are put in place with a Lasting Power of Attorney that puts you in control in advance.

No one wants to contemplate  the possibility that one day they might lose their ability to look after their own affairs or to make the right decisions about matters concerning their health, medical treatment and personal welfare but with people living much longer these days, the likelihood that you'll need someone to rely on for such matters is now much greater. 

A Lasting Power of Attorney will give you peace of mind that you have made all these arrangements in advance safe in the knowledge that the Attorney or Attorneys you bave chosen can make decisions and manage your affairs according to your best interests and according to any specific guidance or controls you have put in place on what they can and cannot do.

Taking specialist expert advice on what a Lasting Power of Attorney is and how you can tailor it to suit your personal circumstances is vital to ensure that you and your affairs are looked after in the future in exactly the way you want them to be. There are many online services available to help you prepare a Lasting Power of Attorney advertising low low fees but we  caution our clients about these because in many cases all they provide is a form filling service without giving the detailed advice needed to enable you to make sure the Power you have given is specifically the best for you.

If you're thinking about putting a Lasting Power of Attorney in place - have a look at our Free Guide for more information which we hope you will find useful.

We offer a fixed fee for our professional  complete service which includes:-

  • seeing you (at our office or at your home) to take your instructions and give you advice

  • preparing the Power/s of Attorney

  • obtaining consent from your Attorney/s to their appointment and advising them on their duties and responsibilities

  • providing the certificate as your mental capacity

  • seeing you to sign and witness the Power/s of Attorney

  • providing the necessary notification to your nominated person/s

  • applying for registration to the Office of the Public Guardian 

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