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Should I make a Will?

Quite simply, yes! Because if you die without leaving a valid Will, the law will decide who gets what and you can't assume that your loved ones will inherit everything.

Important things to consider when writing your Will

  • EXECUTORS -  think carefully about who you want to look after your estate after you've died. Choose a person or people that you trust because they will have control of your estate and will responsible for making sure that the terms of your will are carried out 

  • GUARDIANS - if you have children, who do you want to look after them should you die when they are still under 18? Your Will can appoint a guardian or guardians giving you peace of mind that your children will be raised and cared for by those you have chosen

  • TRUSTEES - sometimes a will needs to set up a trust . A Trust is an arrangement where property or money is looked after by a trustee or trustees for others such as children or people with disabilities. Executors can be trustees if the circumstances suit. Again, choose people who you know will take on this responsibility

  • FUNERAL WISHES - you can express your wishes about your funeral arrangements in your Will. For example, you may prefer cremation to burial or you may wish to donate your body to medical research

  • GIFTS - do you want to leave specific things to someone - for example a house, a treasured piece of jewellery or family heirloom? Do you want to leave a sum of money to someone or to a charity or organisation that you support? Your Will can provide for these types of gifts.

  • PETS - yes you can make provision for them in your will - you can say who your pet is to live with after you die and you can make financial arrangements for your pet's upkeep

  • RESIDUE - this is what is left after your debts, funeral costs and any gifts have been paid out.  Think carefully about who should receive this. Is it to be shared out between more than one person? If so, what should the shares be? What would you want to happen to each share if the person you have left it to dies before you? 

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