If you are a first time applicant, Quality Solicitors Belshaws can help you through the complex application process. We can advise on the merits of any proposed application for a firearm or shotgun certificate and assist in completing the paperwork.

If you are facing revocation or non-renewal of your certificate  taking early legal advice may prevent this. Even if revocation has already taken place, we may be able to negotiate with the police to persuade them to review their decision, thereby avoiding the costly and stressful process of an appeal to the Crown Court.

Where a full appeal is necessary, Quality Solicitors Belshaws can advise on the merits of an appeal and also prepare and present your case before the Court.

This is a difficult area of law and we have the expertise to properly represent your interests.

An individual has 21 days from receipt of a refusal or revocation to appeal. An Appeal must be made to the Crown Court. Careful and thorough preparation of your appeal is essential. New evidence can be admitted which may not have been previously available. Appeals are considered on their merits and how the appeal is presented is crucial to its success. An appeal is not simply a review of a previous decision.

In cases where an unreasonable condition has been imposed on the certificate then, whilst there is no appeal possible, the decision can be subject to Judicial Review in the High Court. 

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