Attending a police station for interview?

An interview at a police station, whether you’ve been arrested or are going voluntarily is a stressful and worrying experience and it is essential that you know your rights and can make the right decisions on what to say.

It’s a myth that those who attend the police station with a lawyer only do so because they must be guilty.  Many faced with police questioning  do so on their own and answer questions immediately believing  that they can handle it all themselves but this is frequently not the best strategy. A lawyer by your side to protect your interests is the safest way to make sure you are dealt with fairly and according to the law.

By attending the police station with one of our specialist lawyers we’ll be able to obtain information about the investigation in advance , find out why you are being interviewed, explain to you the process and advise you on all your options.

Sometimes the best advice is to decline to answer questions, at least until proper information is provided as to the case against you; sometimes it may be better to produce a written statement setting out your case in a clear and structured way. 

Our criminal defence lawyers are of outstanding quality and very experienced.  Our reputation is based on over 30 years of providing quality assistance to our clients and protecting their rights.

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