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Magistrates & Crown Court

If you are facing prosecution, having the right lawyer with the right legal knowledge and experience is essential .

QualitySolicitors cover all types of criminal law from motoring offences to the most serious and complex crimes.

Our partner Peter Belshaw has successfully represented thousands of people in the Magistrates Court and Crown Court over the course of his 30 year plus career. His knowledge of the criminal law is second to none and he is known for his tenacity when dealing with the police and Crown Prosecution Service and for his thorough and forensic approach to the evidence helped by his scientific degree background.  

Peter is also a "Solicitor-Advocate" having Higher Rights of Audience in the Crown Court. Currently only about 20% of all solicitors in England & Wales have achieved this specialist qualification given after rigorous training and assessment.

Whatever criminal charge you are facing you need an experienced and  confident lawyer who will advise you on the complexities of the law, act in your best interests and is able to put your defence or plea in mitigation to the Court in order to get you the best outcome.

With government cuts,  legal aid is not available for some offences at all and for many people they do not meet the financial thresholds to qualify for legal aid. And so for many cases, QualitySolicitors  can act for you under a competitively priced fixed fee arrangement, agreed at the start so you know exactly what your legal costs will be. We are happy to set up flexible staged payments during the course of the case to help you budget. 

For expert advice if you're facing court proceedings, call us now on 01618 250 969 or email us today.

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