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Multi-Million Pound Payout For Autistic Teen

You might be spurred on to pursue Cheshire medical negligence claims after hearing how one autistic teenager has been awarded a multi-million pound payout after it was revealed that doctors at Kent and Canterbury Hospital failed to diagnose his low blood sugar levels at birth, which ultimately led to brain damage and autism.

Ben Harman’s parents only discovered the truth after applying for a blue parking badge back in 2006, the Bucks Free Press reports. The heart of the matter was revealed when they were asked to provide medical evidence to support their application for the badge.

As a result of the negligence by NHS staff, Ben’s oral communication skills are that of a six-month-old baby and his cognitive skills are seriously impaired, according to a High Court judge.

“When he was discharged [after his birth], his parents were told nothing about the risk that his low blood sugar levels may have caused lasting damage,” the judge was quoted as saying.

If you think you may have experienced negligent medical treatment, it’s advisable to seek outside legal advice on the matter so you can decide upon the right course of action for you. Negligent treatment could include delayed or incorrect diagnosis, or mistakes made during an operation.

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