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Domestic Violence ‘Can Impact Future Prospects Of Children’

School heads have voiced their concerns about the mental health of their young charges.

Cheshire family law solicitors may well be interested to read a new report from school management support company The Key indicating that domestic violence, drugs, bullying and mental health issues are a growing concern in schools.

Chief executive of the organisation Fergal Roche noted that the concern that teachers have regarding these issues should be a wake-up call for the rest of society and they have “implications that reach beyond the school gates and can seriously impact on the future prospects of those affected”.

It was seen that 67 per cent of headteachers were worried about the mental health of their pupils, with 70 per cent of primary school heads mainly concerned with domestic violence. Cyber-bullying was more concerning for secondary school headteachers, meanwhile.

Obesity, bullying, sexting and drugs were also at the forefront of headteachers’ minds, although people trafficking and forced marriage were less worrying for those questioned during the survey.

If you feel as though you’re in a relationship that isn’t working because you’re with an abusive or violent partner, it’s essential that you seek help and don’t suffer in silence – especially if there are children living in the house with you.

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