The break-up of a marriage is often a stressful and emotional time for both sides. As such, you should always seek the services of an experienced divorce lawyer in Manchester to ensure you're fully aware of how best to proceed.

According to official statistics, around 42 per cent of marriages end in divorce. Over one-third are expected to be over before the 20th wedding anniversary.

In the UK, there are five main grounds for divorce. At least one of these must be a factor in the breakdown of your marriage for the courts to grant you a divorce.

1. Unreasonable behaviour

When your spouse's behaviour makes it impossible for you to be with them, you can give this as a reason for divorce. Examples include verbal or physical abuse, alcoholism or drug addiction or refusing to pay housekeeping.

2. Adultery

A common ground for divorce is when a partner is unfaithful. However, there are time restrictions on providing this as a reason, so if you are considering divorce or legal separation,  you should always contact your local divorce lawyer as soon as possible to discuss your options.

3. You have lived separately for two years or more

If you and your partner have lived apart for at least two years, you can obtain a divorce provided you both give your agreement in writing.

4. You have lived separately for over five years

When spouses have lived apart for more than five years, they can typically receive a divorce even if one partner does not agree with the decision.

5. Desertion

You can obtain a divorce when your partner has left you without good reason, without your agreement and has lived away for more than two years out of the last 2.5 years.