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What Do You Need To Put In Your Will?

When you have found the best provider of wills Manchester has to offer, then make sure you know what you want to put in it.

It is wise to consider what it is you want to protect ahead of meeting with your solicitor, so that if you have any questions you come prepared with them, and can make the best choice for you and your family.

No one wants to think of the worse, but a little consideration now regarding what your family can expect when you are gone will make the process much simpler for the loved ones you leave behind.

These are the areas you need to consider:

Assets: This is everything you own, from your house to your savings to your pensions. It also includes your debts.

Executors: These are the people responsible for managing your estate and dealing with the legalities surrounding your death and the pay out of your assets as laid down in your will. Read more about choosing your executors on the Money Advice Service website.

Beneficiaries: People who are set to benefit from your will, if you are passing on assets of any value, are considered beneficiaries.

Guardians: If you have children under 18, you should consider who you want to bring them up if you are gone and include this information in your will. If you don’t do this the court will decide or you.

Remember, whatever you put in your will will need to change after various significant life changes, for example divorce or death of beneficiaries. 

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